Free Download: How to Prevent Your WordPress Website from Being Hacked

This workshop was originally presented at the Code(Her) Conference hosted by DC Web Women non-profit in September 2014. It’s a beginner level workshop for wordpress website owners, designers, & administrators.

Now you can download the entire slide deck for free! (more…)

Fighting resistance, borked screen, and backing up

Have you ever been right on the cusp of something awesome and then all hell breaks loose?

Before I get into the gory details, let’s start with – I ain’t got no laptop :( It’s been weeks. I whined. I b*tched and moaned. I procrastinated getting it fixed because because because it cost monies! Now I’m waiting for the techies to send it back. I blame it (partially at least) on resistance.

Do you know what that is?

It’s the cosmic baddie in your brain that gets in the way every time you’re about to level up.

Some call it self-sabotage. Some call it a funk. Some call it you-are-a-huge-flakey-wakey. It happens to everyone and this time it happened to me in the form of not paying attention and being clumsy with my laptop so it fell off the bed and the screen shattered. (more…)

How to grow your list using the new Twitter cards

Twitter Cards webinar on iPhone

The Twitter card. What the what?

Let’s take a deep dive into these new(ish) little buggers and figure out how to install them onto your website, what sizes of images you’ll need to set them up, how to integrate them directly with your email newsletter (like Mailchimp), plus some case studies of Twitter cards in action.

Friday, August 8 at 4:00pm eastern /1:00 pm pacific


The anti-productivity vortex of lazystraction aka screen suck

Squirrel! Dog from UP!
Doug, the talking dog from Pixar’s UP!

Tell me if this happens to you ever:

You’re sitting down at your computer looking at your screen. You’re gonna get some work done today, d@mnit! And then you check the clock and 10 minutes have mysteriously rolled by and you haven’t done anything. At all.

It’s screen suck!

When I open my computer I am super motivated with task list in hand. As soon as the screen turns on my mind blanks out. It’s so weird! It makes me feel like a hopeless puppy. SQUIRREL!

Rotating slideshows cheapen your site – get rid of ‘em!

the terrible truth about rotating sliders
By Ben Moore via Unsplash

You know those slick and fancy rotating slideshows that are ALL the rage now on everybody’s websites?

Well, it turns out those are actually terrible for your website traffic and actually hurt your business! Whaaa?

But they look so FANCY! I know.

Studies have shown that us web browsers have now developed what is called “banner blindness”.

The last time you checked your Facebook profile, what ads were on the side bar? Don’t remember? That’s banner blindness. (more…)

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