Beautiful (free) website forms for WordPress

There are roughly one kazillion reasons why you would want lovely, functional website forms. 

Up to and including the fact that—unless you have a degree in Computer Science—it is SUCH a pain to code even the simplest program.

You have to write code that 1) tells your web host server “Hi there, look at this sweet information I need you to store!”, AND another piece of code that gets that info back from the server, PLUS another piece of code that makes it legible in an Excel document. Otherwise you are looking at a whole bunch of cells with wingdings in them.

Geek out notebook but not web formsI mean, do you know how to program that? Because I sure as heck do not have that in my “List of things to geek out about” notebook!

Using free tools by Google or Zoho is usually my Grade A #1 back up plan, but embedding a Google form into your website looks SO gross — ugly scrollbars, iframes will act janky in different browsers, plus they have the Google branding so everyone knows you’re kinda… well, cheap.

Y’all know how much I LURRVE finding things for free that replace things I normally pay for — especially if they also work just as well (if not better) than those paid things.Lurrve. That’s at least 3 times as potent than plain love!

Here are the issues with website forms as I see them:

  1. We are not all programmers with both web design skills and database skills and AJAX (or php or javascript) skills.
  2. Website forms are necessary and a crucial part of business because you need to collect some basic information about your clients and customers.
  3. Forms created by applications don’t actually live on your site so you could potentially lose all that information if you forget to pay your balance (deleted) or that service gets hacked or bought by Facebook.
  4. Most forms are ugly, including the paid ones. Very little customization can be done.
  5. Google Forms are even ugly. Zero customization here.
  6. WordPress can be made to be less ugly through templates and themes.

My solution? A free plugin for WordPress that integrates with Google Forms.

The Google Forms plugin for WordPress! It embeds a sleek, clean Google form and takes on the styling of your WordPress site. There is also an option for adding your own CSS to make your website forms even swankier and a helpful guide to DIY-ing the design.

Wanna see it in action? Check out the Feedback Form for the Twitter Challenge. It looks like a fancy website form I made myself but (super secret) it’s all run from Google!

Do you use Google Apps to help run your business or do you pay for premium plugins?

  • Jen Havice

    Thanks for this! I can’t remember what I have on my site but it’s not the free Google form plugin. I do like the one I’m using as it keeps track of conversion percentages. Anyway, this is great to keep in my back pocket.

    • Ann Harris

      Thanks for the comment, Jen! Yours keeps track of conversions, eh? That sounds so fancy. If you remember what it is, please let me know!

      • Jen Havice

        Gravity forms.

        • Ann Harris

          oooooh aaaah… And is it worth the premium price tag for you to get all the bells and whistles? Right now my Google forms sync to MailChimp through Zapier, but I’ll definitely take a look at Gravity Forms as an alternative to my Rube Goldberg style workarounds :D

          • Jen Havice

            I really like the plugin but the free Google one may work just as well. You’ll have to see.

  • Ali Parnell

    Thanks for the tip! Can’t wait to get it set up!