Create image quotes so highly share-able, your fans won’t be able to help themselves

Picture quote made with Recite
Made with Recite

Quotes, kittens, and babies can make almost any post go viral.

This has been scientifically proven…probably… in some psychology journals. (I get my marketing psychology from Derek Halpern these days)

So how do you make picture quotes to share online?

Below are the best apps for making picture quotes, plus examples of what a sample quote looks like in each of the different tools. The sample quote I’m using is from Oprah’s collaboration with Deepak Chopra, the 21 Day Meditation Experience.

Quotes Cover

Quotes Cover is an easy to use option with a very simple output. Put your text and get a quote looking something back. My favorite tool is the randomizer for both colors and fonts. You can add a font-shadow or upload a custom image if you want. Quotes Cover social media picture quote sample


Enter quote, enter author, and you’re done! This is a great tool for cranking out an image quote quickly and easily because of the predesigned templates. quozio social media sample


Connect your Facebook or Twitter account to access. You’ll get plenty of creative commons images to choose from that automatically include a tiny overlay crediting the original photographer. Way to go respecting copyrights! Since it does connect to your Facebook and Twitter, just make sure your settings are the way you want. You could end up accidentally spamming your Facebook feed every time you may a new post. In many ways, Chisel looks like it’s trying to become a social network in and of itself. You have a personal profile, notifications, and can follow other “chiselers”. Also, you’ll need to right click to save the image – it won’t automatically download. Chisel social media sample image quote


Pretty tame. Paste in your quote and choose your fonts. Color palettes are already chosen for you so have fun not customizing it very much. If you just want some words with an icon and some color, you can use this site. TBH you could do the same thing in Picmonkey and get more features out of it. Still, this one is worth mentioning! The real point of this site is to help you create stuff with quotes on it: mugs, tshirts, mousepads, and prints. social media sample image quote


You’ve only got 4 background images to choose from unless you upload your own. The templates for what the words look like are pretty cool. Just make sure to pop over to Compfight or Unsplash first to get a really great image! There are 6 themes to choose from at the moment. Pinwords social media sample image quote


Pinstamatic was created for sharing stuff on Pinterest. So if you want to get your image, you’re probably going to need to pin it first. Then go back and right click to save image as. There are limited styles available, but this is only one feature of the larger tool. That still makes it pretty darn cool. Pinstamatic social media sample image quote


This one is my very favoritest. There are a limited number of styles to choose from, but they’re all well designed and kind of fabulous. I could spend all day clicking through the cool templates. #ProTip: You may want to try adding strategic spacebars to my quotes to get the formatting just right. Recite social media sample image quote


So, yeah, you can put a sexy silhouette or a rage face on your dainty quote. If you want to make style quotes but don’t like the large variety of images to choose from then this is the tool for you. Quotes4Fun social media sample image quote

Photo Editors of Note

There are plenty of photo editors that you can use to create image quotes. The above tools were made specifically for making picture quotes, though, so they got a special shout out. Want more features? Better templates? More stickers? Here are my top two favorite online image editors:

Picmonkey and Canva

Picmonkey is my old reliable, but Canva is new to the scene and turning heads. Check them both out. Choose your favorite. Or use both! Each has different areas where they excel so I end up using both when slapping together quick images for my blog posts or visual social networks.

Do you post picture quotes to your social networks as status updates? Or do you think they’re too “fluffy” and prefer to post original content instead? Tell me in the comments!